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Andreea Caizer was born in 1989 in Bacau, Romania.

At the age of 9 she attended a well- known art school in the city called : The National College of Art “George Apostu”,Bacau Romania.

     In all this time becouse of her talent and ability to paint very  fast and large amonth of paintings she began selling  her artworks internationally such as : America, Canada, Belgium,France, Italy, and her style in art was often compared with famous painters : Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso becouse of his vibrant colors and unique technique.

     After graduating from art school he began to have an inclination towards Interior design and product design, then she decided to go further studying at the prestigious Art Academy “The University of Arts ” George Enescu “Iasi, Romania.

     Completing after that with a Master in Industrial Design,but during all this time she never give up painting and she managed to combine the art world with the whole faculty process becoming an expert oil painter and olso a designer.

andreea caizer


Andreea paints mostly in oil on fine canvases and she paints  very quickly and most of the time spontaneously when he creates her artworks,often completing several large paintings.

Passing the years she concentrates her style combining the human figure with different textures and combination of styles colors.

The artist Andreea Caizer is a figurative painter who prefers oil painting on large canvases using inspirational photographs to represent the deepest personality.He uses top quality materials, elements that have immense visual appeal and through some elements used with care manages to transmit a particular energy that manages to teleport you into its world full of substance. The application of the color is never flat,but rich in shades to give more depth and volume to both the figures and the background.

In his paintings he often uses the relationship with nature that is floral elements, animals to create a deep mood.He often uses gold to create a magical effect, uses decorative elements called in graphic design: Pattern Design to give a vital energy , strong emotions is expressiveness. Its symbols often have a very specific meaning chosen to represent different moods and energy.His figures depicted in close-up statuary, despite being ordinary people have the strength to make us forget the private dimension typical of the portrait and at the same time have the power to become icons of the human race.

Some representations are figures created in his mind that manage to express some strength.


     The paintings that she creates always talks about mixed colors,shapes and imagination.

     Every art peace is the result of years of working and  concentration,skills and combination of heart and soul.

I love to paint because it energises me but at the same time calms me and with every subject i paint i find my peace.


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