Art Exibition in the city of Giaveno, Torino at Mirror Room " Sala degli Specchi "

Saturday afternoon around 18:00 at the M.Teresa Marchini Municipal Park in the Salone degli Specchi in Giaveno (TO), there was a particular inauguration of an art exhibition "Luci e Ombre D'Artista" of the As Radacini Latine.
A collaboration with the Municipality of Giaveno which has a community fed by Romanians, and has already collaborated some time ago with this Association.
The event will last 4 days from 29/30 October and 4/5 November

After the presentation of the President of the Ass. Damian Ivanov and the Curator of the Exhibition and Vice President Andreea Caizer, greetings from Mayor Carlo Giacone and Councilor Edoardo Favaron, also exhibitors, Guido Giaretto, took part.
In the city of ORBASSANO, TORINO Italy Andreea Caizer is opening a collective exibition in association with "Radacini Latine Cultural Association from Torino.
Opening date :12 JUNE - 19 June 2022 from Monday to Sunday.
10 - 12 and 17 - 19

"The works can also be voted on" Radacini Latine Cultural Association, invites you all to spend an afternoon of art and friendships to find a world full of essence and quality.We always invite you to a world full of substance.

Exibition at Hermitage Cornici e Arte Torino Italy

Art Exibition in collaboration with Hermitage Frames from Torino Italy

Opening date : 03 May 2022 - 03 June 2022 from Tuesday to Saturday in Via Balbis 1 /1 Torino. 9.30 - 12.30 and 15.30 - 19 .30

Competition and exibition at Montmartre - cambiano italy

In the city of Cambiano, Italy Andreea Caizer is participating at a competition and olso a public exibition at Montmartre with a theme : " The colors of the rainbow" : the event is scheduled for Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September 2022

Art exibition - the 19th Edition in Giaveno The City of Good Quality Bread

The artist Andreea Caizer is participating in the city of Giaveno on September 11 - 2022 at the 19th Edition in Giaveno
" The City of Good Quality Bread" - with a series of artworks in collaboration with the Radacini Latine Association.


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