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Caizer Andreea

Caizer Andreea is a contemporary full-time artist currently living and working in Torino Italy Andreea mainly paints in oil on very fine canvases. The artist uses many techniques: from oil to tempera, acrylic, both pure gold and liquid gold, she manages to create expressiveness by focusing on the eyes that reveal true personality. The paintings he creates often always speak of mixed colors, shapes and a lot of creativity. For a long time she has formed an important collaboration with the Tokaido Art Gallery in Turin and has managed to collaborate with various Turin artists such as: Barbara Nejrotti and Monica Nettis etc. All artistic peace is the result of years of work and concentration, skill and a combination of heart and soul. Colors, light, figurativism and a lot of matter Andreea Caizer manages in his paintings to execute a crasis of the great protagonist elements of the history of painting, translating them into a contemporary language, managing to walk in perfect balance between line and chromatic vortex, between portrait and abstraction, between the past and the contemporary, bringing out the chaos and wonder of his creative genius on the canvas. I love to paint because it gives me so much energy but at the same time calms me and with each subject I paint I find my ABSOLUTE peace.

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