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Andreea Caizer is specialized in many styles ranging from abstract, contemporary, all the way to photo realistic and everything in-between.
Andreea mainly paints in oil on very fine canvases with quality materials.
There are many techniques used by the artist: from oil to tempera, acrylic, pure gold and liquid gold, he manages to create an expressiveness by focusing on the eyes that reveal the true personality.

Orginal Paintings

Latest Collection

"Blue eyes beauty"


"Sacred Serenity detail"

– 2022-


– 2023-


"Girl with roses"


"Story to Tell"

– 2020-

"The Girl with an ear of wheat "


"ASIAN Beauty"

– 2022-


– 2020-

"The Kiss"


– 2022 –


Painting on Canvas



High quality custom portraits oil paintings on canvas

Are you looking for a special and original gift idea? Why request a commissioned portrait?To give a unique emotion as only oil on canvas portraits can do.


Why choose an abstract Painting made by Andreea Caizer?

Abstract painting has its origins in Impressionism and Cubism, movements which already pioneered a considerable move away from recognisable forms.

“There is no abstract art.

You must always start with something. Afterward, you can remove all traces of reality.”

Pablo Picasso


Bring nature in your home with Andreea Caizer and her artworks full of life.

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Order a Hand Made Painted Oil Portrait On Canvas made by Andreea Caizer


What People say


Marius Aparaschivi

Portraits 5 x 90x70

Andreea Caizer is an amazing Artist with allot of Passion and Pride.I ordered 5 individuals Paintings and every one is a Masterpiece!!! Well Done Andreea!!!


Caizer Gabriel

Abstract Painting 90 x 90

They brought tears into my eyes when I saw the finished painting it puts soul and a lot of talent into everything it touches. Available and present throughout the work. A real artist. Thank you for the trust and speed with which you managed to light up our Valentine’s Day.


Roxana Cirstei

Landscape 120x80

A painting created by Andreea Caizer has arrived in our house. It is absolutely wonderful, fabulous, far beyond our expectations, exceptional !!! I have no words to describe the emotions I had when I saw him. We were all amazed!

Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart !! We hug you warmly and congratulate you for the gift you have, to do these wonderful works and we wish you much success and only good!


Ungureanu Monica

Portrait 60x80

❤️My perfect printer ❤️

I won’t be long again 🙃🙂🙃🙂 but you fully deserve them … Jewelry as jewelry gives you as a human being.The only talented, patient, wonderful and professional at a high level … Perfection in the small details make the difference … I appreciated from the first moment when I saw you by mistake I was speechless 😯 … And the jewelry made is perfect like you … soon I will give you work again .. And I can’t wait to receive the work of art by andreea caizer art ❤️ … The best .. No. 1… The quality is amazing … I recommend I recommend you forever…


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